offers Ultra-Modified PTFE.

A superior PTFE specifically designed for the semi-conductor
industry- due to it's ultra purity.

Ultra-Modified PTFE offers many advantages over
conventional PTFE.

Ultra-Modified PTFE demonstrates the
benefits of conventional PTFE:

  • Excellent non-stick characteristics
  • Broad operating temperature range
    (-400°F to +500°F )
  • Chemical resistance


  • excellent weldability
  • a pore-free and extremely smooth surface preventing
    contaminates from being trapped in high purity applications.
  • reduced permeability
  • significant lower deformation under load
  • higher elongation and tensile strength
  • superior dielectric properties

Typical applications:

  • valve seats and fittings
  • wafer carriers
  • pump and valve bodies and components
  • wet processing equipment
  • insulation of cables
  • seals and rings
  • tank and container linings
  • gaskets
  • diaphrams and membranes
  • bearing and piston rings
  • insulators

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